Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will it cost more to have my car repaired at Southern Collision Center?

    Absolutely not! And you won’t have to pay “any differences” between the insurance company’s estimate and our estimate if you choose Southern as your repair facility. Some insurance companies would like for you to believe that and it is simply not true!

  2. What is the difference in the terminology OEM and aftermarket parts?

    OEM refers to “original equipment manufacturer”. And aftermarket is not the manufacturer’s original equipment, but Southern Collision Centers strive to use only OEM parts for our customers’ cars. The law states that the replacement parts must be of “like kind and quality.”

  3. Do I need to obtain more than one estimate for the repairs done to my vehicle?

    There is no law in the state of Virginia requiring you to obtain more than one estimate to repair you vehicle. Your insurance company cannot require you to get more than one estimate.

  4. If my car would not pass state inspection after the accident, should I be driving it?

    After an accident, if your car would not pass a Virginia State Inspection due to damages caused by the accident, you should not be driving that vehicle. At that point you should be entitled to rental reimbursement from your insurance company.

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