Customer Testimonials

"It appears to me you have thought of everything I needed! My car was repaired beautifully, like brand new. Thank you - I have told my friends to call you when in need. PS: I like the part that the rental car service is right there also" - Adell F.

"Mr. Black was very courteous and helpful. He was patient and thorough."
- Raymond W.

"I am happy with the finished project. Beautiful job! You all were fast, job was done quickly - Thank you all so much." - Kenneth L.

"Best experience, ease of filing claims, and car rental convenience! Extremely satisfied. Thank you."
- Stephanie N.

"Tom Moots went beyond the normal service by personally buffing my clients Lexus to assure we were 100% satisfied. Thanks Tom! Excellent paint job." - Marvin G.

"Very, very please. Superb service!" - John H.

"You have great service and great service reps. Kevin Stanley did an outstanding job with me! THANK YOU!"
  - William B.

"You are the best! and better than the rest!"
- Janie H.

"Everyone seemed to really care about my car and me... Dale and Lee were always right there. Thank You!" - Wheatie M.

"Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to Tom Moots for his commitment to excellence in customer service and his experience in car repair. Thank you!"
- Gerold J.

"My auto was injured when it was brand new . I was heartbroken. Kevin was very kind and assured me that it would look the same as new again. IT DOES! Thanks Kevin!"
- Carolyn K.

"Thanks for all your help Tom. I appreciate your excellent communication with me."
- Lindsey R.